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Latest from the Blog

January 2023

January has been a fantastic month so far (aside from a few painfully cold days). I went skiing several times, as well as skating and playing pickup hockey at the park by my house. I tried a few new restaurants including a fantastic Thai restaurant just a few blocks away. I caught up with a…

December 2022

December was pretty brutal. I had to grind out the end of my hardest semester thus far and finished by completing four final exams over the course of 24 hours (I think my brain stopped working for 2 weeks after that). But then I took a well deserved break and went to Lutsen with my…

November 2022

Hey blog, how’s life? Mine’s been pretty chaotic. I started off the month coming back from being sick for two weeks and missing a ton of class. I had a whole lot to catch up on and still feel like I’m behind. The election was at the beginning of the month which was exciting and…

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